Ministry of Protection


Ministry Purpose: To make sure that our church grounds, partners, children and visitors are secure at all times. This team also provides protection for our Pastors as well.

 Brief Description: The Ministry of Protection serves the church by proving the congregation a safe and secure place to worship. To serve in this ministry you must have a servant’s heart or
be open to develop one during your time of serving.


Having qualities of a strong leader are also highly recommended to become a part of this ministry. As members of the Ministry of Protection we fellowship with one another often. We have a team spirit at all times and we strive for excellence.

We are looking for observant and detail oriented people to serve in this ministry. Other qualities that you must have to serve in this ministry include and are not limited to:

  1. A healthy physique and/or healthy lifestyle.
  2. The ability to stand for prolonged periods of time.
  3. Available to attend outside engagements with the Pastors.
  4. There must be a level of comfort when working closely to ensure the safety of the
  5. A high level of confidentiality and personal visibility is needed to serve in this ministry.
  6. Members work independently making quick effective decisions with very little supervision.
  7. We encourage partners to have a flexible schedule and ability to serve during any of our slotted serving times with sufficient notice given.
  8. We ask that you bring to the table or be willing to learn effective and assertive communication skills.

Positions include: Elexio Champion, Team Members, and Team Trainer of New Members.